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Bristan is a popular brand of plumbing products in the United Kingdom, mainly found in bathroom fittings. It is also the name of the parent company, Bristan Group.

An angry customer mentioned, "Bought these taps as we liked the design and have had the brand, Bristan, before. They look good, were easy to fit and worked well... for the first year. After only a year's use both the hot and cold taps drip, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, depending on how the mood takes them. From what I can find out, ceramic valves are susceptible to failing because of contamination from particles of limescale etc. so now, after only a year in service, we have the prospect of either a complete strip down, clean and rebuild of the valves, or a simpler but more costly replacement."


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Former Employee - Customer Experience Agent says

"Everything is monitored via the phones you have to put yourself out of group when you have a tea or toilet and if your quick on the phones this goes against you. There is only 16 seconds between calls till the phone rings again If you have more than 8 minutes for toilet or tea breaks outside your standard lunch breaks you will effectively go under your 90% availability and be put on a Pip if you can't control that Your on a very very short leash Since the old ceo and sales manager have left the company things have gone down hill very fast"

Customer Contact Agent (Former Employee) says

"Phone system has been proved to be faulty/not fair but is still used towards your daily figures, management are not sure what the problem is but still use it as a measurement towards your KPI's - surely if the equipment is faulty, it should not be contributing towards figures? Only allowed to make a drink during your breaks (3 times a day), but can take up to 125 calls a day - thirsty work. Get 16 seconds between calls at peak times. Penalised in your figures if you come off the phone; one colleague was brought up on going to the toilet four times in a day, and was told to go during his break times. You'll be looked after if your face fits with some managers.Good Canteen, the option to buy 3 days extra holidayDon't take well to anyone who challenges or questions the status quo"

Goods In Operative (Former Employee) says

"Friendly place to work. Good atmosphere Below living wage payments. You don't get paid for your skills. They give training They could be a great company if they listened to there staffFree coffeeBelow living wage payment"

Divisional Controller (Former Employee) says

"Good company, going through a lot of change and also change of strategy, Management need to nail the strategy and deliver it, but also take the employees with them."

Returns Logistics Manager (Current Employee) says

"Generally fast paced and challenging, but everyone works as a team. Over the last 20 years I have excelled in my leadership skills but also have a great understanding of the operational side of distribution and manufacturing. The hardest part of the job I guess is the knock on effect of others peoples errors which is very frustrating. The most enjoyable part is the people I work with.....great entitlement, high st store discounts and great working hours plus free fruit for staff every fridayVery HR driven business"

Customer Service Department (Current Employee) says

"Initially a great place to work, as with most places the people there (on the whole) make it a better place. Very technical knowledge required for the role but this is made apparent to new recruits and thorough training is provided. Communication between departments is lacking, it can be a common issue in places of work however tends to have far reaching effects."

Consumer says

"I purchased a Bristan ALP 4 Hole Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mixer Tap, I was drawn to Bristan for their reputation for a quality product (reflected in the price!). One week after installation the tap leaked from its main body, Bristains customer service is non existent, unable to get a response from them at all. I will now have to replace the taps through the supplier at my cost for installation. Poor product and shocking customer service"

Mohammad Wasim Hossain says

"It has been 3 weeks waiting for a reply from the customer service in relation to the product issue though sent emails and called several times but no luck to reach them. Can't believe in receiving such ridiculous service from a big company like Bristan. Simply Insane."

Stewart Meadows says

"I have been without parts for my shower for over a month, with multiple calls, multiple wrong parts sent. I don't like to use this but your staff are need to train your technical team to at least be able to tell the difference in your cartridges...down to where the thread is located on the cartridge,sizing,sealing face, everything required in basic part identification; when LOOKING at 2 different cartridges.
I'm livid...Tuesday I was promised a replacement valve for the NEW faulty one you sent me, 1-day shipping as I had paid for it on the faulty one you sent me..and was told how understanding they were that I had no hot showers still...I still don't have follow up calls or emails.

As of now I have sent 6 emails, with a case; NO REPLIES;Case ID: 02314245, I have made 6 or more calls, some over 40 minutes.

In the end, I had to identify one, which was sent New/Faulty...still don't have a replacement after reporting it faulty in a call before New Year and again thru email on 4th January(Promised 1 day shipping.)

I have had the WRONG cartridge sent twice; even after on the phone asking to confirm that this wasn't a cartridge I had ordered prior(As I didn't have the part number on me to confirm)...but she had my orders up on her system; how do you mess that up?

This story...does go on and on...but frankly after a month of no correct parts, no care or follow-up from customer support..anything.

Safely say Bristan is one of the worst customer/technical supports I have ever dealt with...and I work in some really interesting parts of the world where companies despite adversity function better than Bristan.

As it stands I have 5 Cartridges...over 350 quid in charges(with no itemized receipts sent for phone credit card orders despite requests). No replacement part for one under warranty...the list goes on.

I needed 2...mixer cartridges...for showers from 2008. Really isn't that hard."

John says

"Installed an ezifit sentinel for a customer in early December

Not the cheapest tap that bristan manufactures by a long way

the tap drops the contents of the spout after use
this can be 2 mins later or 15 minutes later

I’ve been back to the tap and advised customer to contact bristan and they have no solution

I’ve Contacted customer services and amongst other things I’m told this is normal for most swan neck taps and in this instance the customer will have to put up with it

Pretty poor resolution to my customers problem really

I install hundreds of Taps showers etc and bristan are usually the product I recommend

Thank you for your reply
I’m well aware of water retention and capillary action in taps

The tap replaces a Bristan Monza swan neck tap which didn’t have this problem

The Monza was just over 2 years old and passing on the valves

The lady opted for a new tap rather than repair the 2year old one

I find it poor that their is no Solution to this I would normally fit a de aerator In the spout which often cures this problem

The tap has removable end on the spout but you don’t have the option to fit a de aerator

Not great really for a tap that retails at well over £250

Thanks for your help with this"

Gemma says

"We bought a Bristan tap from Plumbworld and had it professionally installed. Within 3 days the button to control the spray has broken. Emailed both Plumbworld and Bristan but heard nothing. A few weeks later water is spurting out of the tap connection when you swivel the tap flooding our worktop. Not impressed at all with the quality or the service."

graham jarrett says

"I had a Cinnamon kitchen mixer tap fitted in December which is very noisy when opened halfway. I have emailed Customer services twice but not yet had a reply. I have also tried to register the tap twice to ensure my warranty is activated but each time I get ERROR- 500. What is happening at Bristan? I bought a Bristan tap because I thought it was a well respected brand but it seems I made a mistake."

Mrs Evelyn Rebecca Jones says

"I originally bought a Bristan shower in 2017 when I had my house renovated. Unfortunately the plumber who installed it discarded the registration and information leaflets. In September 2020 I could only get cool water from the shower, so was forced to purchase a whole new shower unit from Bristan. I now learn that the unit should be serviced at least every year. My plumber says this needs to be done by Bristan. As soon as I purchased the replacement I sent the registration details to Bristan but have received no confirmation details at all. I just keep getting responses saying that Bristan are very busy and will get back to me soon. This is simply not good enough! How can I ask for my shower to be serviced if the warranty has not been validated by the company?"

Geraint LewisJones says

"I have been having problems with my Bristan shower for almost a year. Hot water in the taps was usually around 58 deg but in the shower not more than 34 unless always boosted by the immerser. Lockdown has been very problematic as I was unable to contact them.
When I did they said I needed a new handle and cartridge . I ended up paying more than £400 for labour with the plumber eventually unable to fix it. Bristan then told me that I should have bought a new thermostat the same time. As it was the wrong advice they sent me new thermostat free of charge in august.. A new plumber examined it including the elbow valves and it still wouldnt work.He said the new thermostat was probably faulty. Bristan told me last week that as it was a good will gesture they would not give me a replacement. So I still have the same problem . I m not at all impressed."

David Hextall says

"After contacting Bristan and explaining the fault with my new tap indices I have yet to receive the new indices which should have been dispatched on or around
27/11/2020 , have contacted Bristan again but no reply !

Case; 02258232
Hot and Cold Indices for Colonial Basin Taps
I look forward to your reply."

Geoff says

"October 2020. Needed a spare part for a Bristan electric shower. Spent an accumulated 2 hours on the phone and got no response. Tried entering request using the on line system; three times over a period of several weeks case numbers 0222 8228, 0330 0266273, 08715084757 . No response. Sent 2 letters to HQ management (one a recorded delivery) . No response. So, for lack of a new power knob to turn on a perfectly good shower, I will need to scrap it. Don't even think of using this company. Following this post I got a reply; essentially the shower was discontinued about 5 years ago and no spares are kept."

Lisa Pigram says

"I have a shower under warranty yet getting anyone to deal with my issue is proving to be impossible! I can’t get through on the phone and my emails are being ignored!!! During lockdown my shower started to leak (second one of the same shower to leak). I did manage to get the part they thought would fix it but I was shielding and couldn’t have anyone in to repair it. Recently managed to get my plumber to replace the part but the shower still leaked above the supplied part. I contacted Bristan to explain, it took 10 days fir someone to reply asking what parts my plumber needed, I responded the same day with the part numbers, that was a month ago. I have sent numerous email and contacted them via their online form but no one replies. In this time the leak got worse and has damaged the kitchen ceiling below, I have even told them that and still I am being ignored!!!
Case ID: 02278176 (PM TLSHX C)"

Keith Brown Electricial Services says

"Contacted customer service three times now, I have yet to have a reply. A tap I purchased and installed, has twice dismounted and is now leaking. I am a member of there installers group, yet still no help from them. Absolute apaling the tap is less than 9 months fitted and has a 5 year warranty. But company just ignore you. Last time I buy anything of theirs. Would give no stars, if an option"

Justin Dilks says

"Firstly, we have always found that Bristan products have been good. However, we sent a query regarding a broken plug on the 4th October and subsequently a further 3 emails as still awaiting a response.

Tried calling today but the phone went dead after 25 minutes of waiting. I have again sent the query via the site with photos but always receive a case ID number (02228267) but nothing else. Would just appreciate a response."

Lynseyvelliott says

"I contacted Bristan 3 weeks ago by email regarding my broken shower which is only 2 years into it's 5 year warranty.

Having heard absolutely nothing, I contacted them again and still nothing.

They were initially very happy to take my money and supply me with a faulty product.

Do yourself a favour, avoid."

Jane says

"I’ve had 3 replacement taps, replaced under parts (not labour) guarantee. All of them started to drip after 12months or so, not constantly, but often, and could half fill the sink overnight
Advice from bristan was that I could get and fit the replaceable valve. I was completely unable to undo the nut. We have hard water here. It was suggested that might be the problem, but there’s no warning that this tap was unsuitable for us.
I am completely fed up with this expensive wasteful tap. I expect a tap to last for years, like all other taps in the house."

Mark Newby says

"Bristan 1901 Pillar Bath Shower Mixer
This is very expensive and not very good. One of the covers of the tap mechanism cannot be screwed into place properly and keeps falling off. Bristan take ages to respond to emails and when they do they just spout a load of garbage. In their last email, they said that looking at the picture it looks like it should screw on OK. Well you can’t tell by looking at the picture and it doesn’t screw on at all."

Mark W says

"Still waiting after 2 weeks for a reply to email and then another reminder. Unable to get through on phone after 30 mins waiting on two occasions. Dreadful customer service.
Case ID is 02269775"

Dave says

"We have purchased Bristan taps throughout our house as they are a well known name. Sometime towards the beginning of 2020 our kitchen tap developed a terrible noise. We got a our local plumber to come and have a look and he thought that it was a problem with the valve as he had come across the same issue, he suggested contacting Bristan as the valve was faulty and under warranty. This we did and eventually we got an email asking for a copy receipt which we sent and since despite the email suggesting that a replacement would be sent we are still waiting in November having tried contacting them repeatedly. Most recently spent 1/2 hour ringing with no joy and emailed on the 9/11/20 and nothing back - really disappointed from what I thought was a good British company. The most recent case number is FW: Case ID: 02063964.

Update - Bristan contacted me after this review to say they would supply the part but had no stock - due in early Dec 2020 - its now the 11th Dec and despite more calls and an email no news - in total this has now been going on for over 7 months!"

Michael Squire says

"I have been chasing Bristan for over 2 weeks for a replacement hot water valve. Even though the tap is only 20 months old , I was happy to pay for a new valve. Bistan have been useless, the care team request photos etc after the initial contact. I have even supplied the valve part number and still awaiting a response. Not a company I would recommend."

Rachel McGregor says

"Tried contacting via website and contact form to no avail as usual. I've patiently waited over Christmas and being mindful of covid etc but it's been weeks so I'm putting a review on here in the hope someone will get it touch. I just need a new bath plug again please!"

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